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What is direct-to-garment printing and how does it work?

Direct-to-garment, also known as DTG, is a decoration process that sprays the ink directly onto the product. (Tshirts, sweatshirts, canvas bags, etc.) It’s like a printer for paper, but on fabric.

The Pro's to DTG:

  • The ink is absorbed directly into the fibers of the item making the life of the product last much longer, more durable in the wash, and retain the softeness of the fabric.
  • No color limits! Want to get that beautiful abstract painting you made on a shirt? Done! Want to print a family photo on a shirt? Done! 
  • No minimums! DTG is perfect if you are looking to print less than 12 shirts. One shirt, two shirts, maybe five? DTG is the way to go. If you do need more than 12 shirts, no problem! DTG can handle bulk orders as well.


Best Tips for DTG:

  • 100% cotton and lighter pigmented fabrics are the best for DTG. The ink absorbs into the fibers more easily. In regard to design, try to have a design that has a majority of solid colours. If not, it will still come out great, however, the transparent colours may appear to be a bit blended.
  • If your item is less than 100% cotton and/or a dark colour, the print can appear less vibrant and/or grainy. 
    • This is not to say that DTG cannot print on dark garments or garments less than 100% cotton. It can and often times does a great job. Just be mindful, the more cotton the better. 
    • Due to the low cotton content, polyester garments or sports shirts, however, cannot be printed using this process. We suggest at least 80% cotton.


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