Embroidery Information


Embroidery is a decoration process using needle and thread. We use commercial machinery that can stich at high speeds. 

Pro's of Embroidery:

  • Embroidery has almost limitless color choices. Our machines can hold up to 15 color cones at a time.
  • Can be applied to almost any fabric. Even leather and letterman coats.
  • Can be aplied to a variety of items: Hats, bags, socks, pants, sweatshirts...etc.
  • Embroidery can produce almost any design whether it is an intricate or simple design.
  • Great for one offs and large quantities.

Best Tips for Embroidery:

  • Choose fabrics that can withstand high impact embroidery. Fabrics like really thin tees and silks can easily get a bunching affect. 
  • When determining your design, measure out the size you would like it to appear on your item. Use a ruler or measuring tape to give yourself an accurate idea. (Width x Height)
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