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Heat Transfer

This decoration process can use custom cut vinyl or specialized ink to print the design onto transfer paper. Both methods are then placed on the shirt and heat pressed to the fabric.


Pro's to Heat Transfer:

  • Different shirts in the same order can be customized.
  • Great option and extremely cost effective for small quantity orders. Perfect for one offs.
  • For the specialized Ink on transfer paper method, limitless colors with no restriction on design complexity. 
  • For the custom cut vinyl method, simple designs work best with few color variations in one design.
  • Custom cut vinyl can be applied to almost any fabric.
  • Using the specialized ink on transfer paper method has near limitless application methods. (Fabric and hard surfaces like wood!)



Best Tips for Heat Transfer:

  • Heat transfer connot be applied to heat sensitive fabrics. For example, raincoats and silks. Some fabrics have plastics in it that can melt under the heat and/or change colors because of the high heat.
  • Textured fabrics and loose knit fabrics are not compatible with heat transfer.
  • Use a ruler or measuring tape to decide the placement and size of your design
  • Think about which method wil be best for your design. The custom cut vinyl or 


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